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Nallie Brumskine Moore

“If I can help somebody as I pass this way, then my living will not be in vain.”


more about the founder and CEO.


Delivering Good Health Community Services International
Organizational Profile By:
Mrs. Nallie Brumskine Moore CEO/Founder


Delivering Good Health Community Services is a Non- Governmental Organization established and presided over by a Liberian; Mrs. Nallie Brumskine Moore with the sole intend of helping her people. She has helped in many ways that are visible to Liberians. Being a nurse who had endure a lot, realize that health for all is paramount to the wellbeing of all humans of which Liberians are of no exception.
Backed by other professional team members, together they look forward to helping their own in communities in need of basic health services the most. Here are few facts we believe and take into consideration:


  • Health is directly proportional to Wealth – A healthy people make up a healthy nation. Being healthy enable them become productive to society, sound in their minds and better life expectancy for the less fortunate. Health is also an asset therefore it cannot be over emphasized.

  • Family is the basic social unit/ grouping in every society - Families do live in communities. These communities makeup of the frame work of the larger societies Therefore both families and communities are important.

  • Education is the bedrock of a Nation- Health education empowers one to take interest in his/her health make informed decisions. With education; knowledge, skills, and information are imparted thus enabling one to be transformed for the better (has effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts). It brings about social behavioral change as well. Moreover, it prepares citizens to cope with the hurdles and or difficulties of life. Examples are: teaching and training

  • Primary Health Care (health for all) is essential – everyone should have access to a basic level of health care that includes programs directed at the promotion of health, early diagnosis of disease or disability, and prevention of disease. Community dwellers are of no exception.

  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention – This is one of our major goals. For you to be healthy and well medically, physically, and spiritually. It warms our hearts to know that we have helped your community. When we do our services we do them well by ensuring proficiency and effectiveness.


Our areas of concern are:


  • Establishment and construction of patient friendly clinics and health care centers -free integrated health services will be provided(Immunization, Tb, Maternal and child health, Malaria treatment and management, HIV/AIDS)for communities in need.

  • The provision of essential drugs and medical supplies – to ensure the availability of tracer drugs, drugs of all health services provided, testing kits, instruments and machines etc.

  • Provision of preventive health services – health education on the prevention of various air, food and water borne diseases (including proper waste management and control) to vulnerable communities.

  • Training/ Capacity building/Community Empowerment - make certain that community dwellers are train in methods of preventing malaria and other common diseases.

  • Inclusively, they will be trained in the sustainability, management and maintenance of health programs/facilities

  • Continuing education, routine in-service and supportive supervision of health care providers are of grave importance

  • Youth Empowerment (IEC/BCC) –Training of peer motivators in areas of adolescent sexual reproductive health (prevention of teenage pregnancy, promotion of family planning), drug abuse, and healthy life styles

  • Information , Education, Communication(IEC/BCC) – Make appropriate use of the print and electronic media for health and health related programs(talk shows, informative interviews etc)

  • Establishment of a Nursing Resource Library – This will enable nurses to keep abreast of the many trends of nursing as it is revolving. Nurses in the country do not have access to nursing books as well as material.


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