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Any amount is greatly appreciated:


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Delivering Good Health Community Services International is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, which offers us a number of benefits.


501(c)(3) organizations:

  • Do not pay federal corporate income tax except on income derived from unrelated business income. With this exemption, an organization can save 15% - 35% of its taxable income.

  • In most instances, do not pay state corporate income, franchise, excise, use, or sales tax.

  • Can offer individual donors and corporate donors a tax deduction for their charitable donations. The possibility of a tax deduction is often an incentive for taxpayers who itemize their income tax deductions.

  • Are eligible to receive private foundation grants.  Private foundations are required by law to distribute a minimum amount of money for charitable purposes.  One way they fulfill this obligation is by making grants to 501(c)(3) public charities.  

  • Are eligible for lower postal rates on third-class bulk mailings through the US Postal Service.

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to DGHCS to further a specific cause that we are working on or to assist us in our general mission to provide medical assistance to underdeveloped areas of Liberia, please donate generously.

  • $125.00 can provide blood pressure medication for one person suffering from high blood pressure for about six (6) months.  

  • $200 can provide blood pressure testing for 50 to 60 persons.

  • $100 can provide blood glucose testing for 30 persons suffering from diabetes and

  • $85 can provide diabetes medication for one person for six (6) months.

  • $25 can provide diabetes nutrition for one person suffering from diabetes for 4 months.

  • $10 can provide dietary supplements to replenish and energize 5 persons

  • $39 can provide malaria antigen testing for about 60 persons.

  • $50 can provide HIV rapid diagnostic testing for about 20 persons.

  • $100 will provide antiviral drugs for one person for six month.

  • $20 can provide immunization for 3 kids that had not been immunized from birth.

  • $5 a day can provide a good nutrition for one family.

  • $6 can provide pain medication for one person.

  • $8 can provide wound care for one person.

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